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Thursday, March 5, 2009

☆泣…☆ / ☆Sob...☆


When I wrote ドキドキNOAドキドキ,

I got the letters backwards汗...

I'm sorry...汗


I know I make a lot of mistakes, but please don't be too hard on me...汗

I try my best in this tooビックリマークしょぼん

Forgive me...汗 idiot is still an idiot, even after becoming a mom...汗

I'm sorryしょぼん

And I've gotten a lot of questions asking,

'Who took that picture of you and Noa at the aquarium?" and

the picture was actually taken by a mom who I met for the first time there, who noticed Non and called out "Ganbatte kudasai!ビックリマーク" ["hang in there!"/"do your best!"/"keep it up!"] to her...ガーン
[note: the grammar in this sentence has been confusing the crap out of me...and I'm pretty sure this is right, but...]

It takes quite a bit of courage to ask "Could you take a picture of us?ビックリマーク" y'know?ショック!

To the mom who took that picture for us today, thank you so much!ニコニコキラキラ

I'm sorry I was so forwardしょぼん

This blog of mine might be pretty hopeless,

and, it's probably going to continue to have a lot of mistakes in it,

but, those of you who don't get bothered when you read it, please do keep reading, if you don't mind too muchしょぼんダウンダウン

I'm truly sorry that it's so full of mistakes.


Anonymous said...

Poor Nono, I think that she is haunted by that bakajo thing they did.

I think she is really sharp and talented but, written language is something she may struggle with. Who cares, she is still the best in my book. You go Nono.

I love her blog, it is very entertaining.

Thank you for translating.

boinsie said...

Jantz~ If you're curious about wtf about the bakajo thing is, we can watch some (ALL??? XD) of it tomorrow at my house~ XD

jantzeeee said...

Sounds like a plan~ (I feel kinda worthless for doing this even though I really know so very little about the girl...^^;;;...) Is the bakajo whatnot very long?

But yeah, I feel quite bad for poor Tsuji -- she seems really embarrassed by this, and it sounds like it's something she's quite sensitive about... (although I really don't think she needs to be...she *does* make mistakes sometimes with what she writes, but her written Japanese is a helluva lot better than a *huge* amount of the written English on the internet...)

22Tsuji22 said...

Aww poor Nono! She makes mistakes in her writing but who doesn't? I know I make tons xD

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