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Friday, January 30, 2009

辻ちゃんです☆ / Tsuji-chan Here☆


Hullo, everyone!アップハート
[note: she swaps the middle two syllables of 'konnichiwa' ("hello") to write 'konchiniwa' instead]

Tsuji Nozomi here杉浦希美はあときらきら

Our daughter Noa (希空) turned one year old this last November,

and little by little I've started to have more time to myself,

and so tomorrow I'm officially starting a blog here at Amebaアップチョキ

I'm going to do my best, so I hope that you'll all lend me your supportドキドキ

-- Tsuji Nozomi 杉浦希美ピース*