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Thursday, January 29, 2009

☆~boinsie's introduction~☆

I've been a fan of the Hello! Project since 2002.  My favaorite members are Umeda Erika, Yaguchi Mari and, of course, Tsuji Nozomi.ドキドキ
I mostly just do whatever I can here to make jantzeeee's life easier.チョキ

☆~jantzeeee's introduction~☆

I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2008 with a degree in Linguistics and Japanese... and even still, some of the things on this blog baffle me! ショック!

I'm a pretty casual fan of the Hello!Project -- *my* favorite person with it is Tsunku♂ -- but I found the challenge of translating this blog an enticing one, so I thought I'd see how far I could take this. If nothing else, it's good Japanese exercise. (And is generally more straightforward than Sharan Q lyrics). にひひ



On January 31st, 2009, former Morning Musume and W member Tsuji Nozomi announced that she would be opening up a blog at Ameblo, finally breaking her lengthy maternity vacation from showbiz. The world rejoiced! And then they realized just how often she would be posting. O_O
Several groups have tried their hand at translating Tsuji's decidedly fast-moving blog, and despite their best efforts, they've understandably caved to exhaustion.ガーン
We (boinsie and jantzeeee) think we've figured out several short-cuts that will make the whole thing a bit easier, though. So, at least for now, please enjoy the our presentation of Nono's blog. ドキドキ

キラキラAs best we've been able to decipher, the name of Tsuji's blog is a play off of the anime "One Piece". ひらめき電球
キラキラTsuji has a habit of writing in purposefully cute slang often, and the translations reflect this whenever possible. If no "cute" English equivalent can be found, a note is generally made
キラキラTsuji cooks a lot. In general, Japanese ingredients and dishes are listed by their Japanese name, followed by a description of what that thing is in parentheses.

If you have any questions or concerns, or want to see anything else done, please make a comment or send an email. Enjoy!