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Thursday, January 29, 2009


On January 31st, 2009, former Morning Musume and W member Tsuji Nozomi announced that she would be opening up a blog at Ameblo, finally breaking her lengthy maternity vacation from showbiz. The world rejoiced! And then they realized just how often she would be posting. O_O
Several groups have tried their hand at translating Tsuji's decidedly fast-moving blog, and despite their best efforts, they've understandably caved to exhaustion.ガーン
We (boinsie and jantzeeee) think we've figured out several short-cuts that will make the whole thing a bit easier, though. So, at least for now, please enjoy the our presentation of Nono's blog. ドキドキ

キラキラAs best we've been able to decipher, the name of Tsuji's blog is a play off of the anime "One Piece". ひらめき電球
キラキラTsuji has a habit of writing in purposefully cute slang often, and the translations reflect this whenever possible. If no "cute" English equivalent can be found, a note is generally made
キラキラTsuji cooks a lot. In general, Japanese ingredients and dishes are listed by their Japanese name, followed by a description of what that thing is in parentheses.

If you have any questions or concerns, or want to see anything else done, please make a comment or send an email. Enjoy!


22Tsuji22 said...

>< Omg! Thank you soo much for translating her blog!! You guys are the best<3 ^___^

Anonymous said...

All Right! I am so glad you decided to translate Tsuji's blog. Thank you very much for taking on this huge task. Tsuji can really put out the daily blog posts and mostly from her mobile phone. I'll be reading every one you put up.


jantzeeee said...

Thanks ^^ I hope all of you guys continue to read and enjoy.
I'm going to do my best to try to keep up with the insane frequency of her posts ^^;;;

Mandi said...

Tsuji fans, are really greatful about this including me!

Thanks very much! ^_^

Tanya said...

thank you for translating! you're doing great job!

Anonymous said...

Good job guys, really appreciate it.

Anonymous said... you. Haha ^^♥
Really, thank you so much for taking on the challenge of translating nono's blog.♥
I only wish I found this sooner because there's A LOT to catch up on.. -_-;

Anonymous said...

I am so grateful for someone translating this blog ♥

You are wonderful \(^-^)/ Keep up the good work ♥♥

ncncnc said...

Thank you so much for translating her blog! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Especially since I've been so disappointed in Aibon lately, reading Tsuji's blog is so cheering. I love what a great mom she has become, while still remaining undeniably herself. :) Thanks so much for undertaking this massive amount of translation!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! Nono's blog has quickly become my favorite <3

Blu-Cherri said...

Thank you so much for translating this!
I love reading each entry :D <3

Meetzorp said...

I just wanted to come in and tell you how much I enjoy and appreciate your translations. Nono is still such a giddy biscuit! Gotta love that kid, even if she's all grown up now.

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