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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

☆夜ご飯だょん☆ / ☆Dinner~☆


Once again tonight's dinner was just me and Noaニコニコドキドキドキドキひらめき電球

And so, I made something really simpleニコニコラブラブラブラブひらめき電球

It looked like this~ドキドキ

辻希美オフィシャルブログ「のんピース」powered by Ameba-090317_190152.jpg

ドキドキPasta with seafood in tomato sauceドキドキ

辻希美オフィシャルブログ「のんピース」powered by Ameba-090317_190259.jpg

It had tons of shrimp-chan~ニコニコドキドキドキドキキラキラ


we had the...ガーン

辻希美オフィシャルブログ「のんピース」powered by Ameba-090317_190844.jpg

ドキドキKabocha soupドキドキ

left over from this morning~ニコニコドキドキドキドキキラキラ

Ohh長音記号1, my stomach's so fullすニコニコラブラブラブラブ

Gochisousama deshitaドキドキパー

For dessert I want some cake...ニコニコドキドキドキドキキラキラ

.........We don't have any, though...しょぼん

I wanna eat...Mont Blanc...ニコニコドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキ


LazyMan1 said...

these post sure make me hungry lol

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that pasta looks incredibly tasty.

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