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Saturday, May 2, 2009

☆帰り道☆ / ☆On Our Way Home☆


We're on our way home right now~にひひドキドキドキドキ

辻希美オフィシャルブログ「のんピース」powered by Ameba-2009050215310000.jpg

We did what we came to do, and did some shopping, and now we're going back home~ラブラブパー

She fell fast asleep on the train ride backニコニコラブラブラブラブキラキラ

辻希美オフィシャルブログ「のんピース」powered by Ameba-2009050215220000.jpg

This is a pretty incredible sleeping poseガーン


as soon as we got off the train, she woke upあせる

辻希美オフィシャルブログ「のんピース」powered by Ameba-2009050215330000.jpg

She's also not wearing her shoes汗

Lately, she'll put her shoes on happily in the entryway when we head out, but before you know it, she'll have taken them back off againショック!あせるあせるあせる



we stopped for a little rest partway, sat on a park bench and drank some teaグッド!

辻希美オフィシャルブログ「のんピース」powered by Ameba-2009050215460000.jpg

We're heading home~ニコニコドキドキドキドキキラキラ

She had lots of nap time today, so Noa-tan is in a good moodドキドキ

So that's really greatハート

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