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Saturday, May 2, 2009

☆夜ご飯☆ / ☆Dinner☆


Tonight her daddy is having dinner with some of the staff-san,パー

so it was just Noa and me for dinner hereニコニコラブラブラブラブひらめき電球
[note: starting here, Tsuji write "Noa" in hiragana (のあ)]

Tonight's dinner looked like this~ドキドキ

辻希美オフィシャルブログ「のんピース」powered by Ameba-2009050219320000.jpg

ラブラブ'Healthy" shuumai (a kind of dumpling) with toufu and shrimpラブラブ

(It has no meat in it whatsoeverグッド!)

ラブラブPoached buri (yellowtail)ラブラブ

ラブラブSpinach and spam sautéed in butterラブラブ

ラブラブRice and miso soupラブラブ



for dessert we hadハート


辻希美オフィシャルブログ「のんピース」powered by Ameba-2009050220230001.jpg




クローバーHassaku (a citrus fruit)クローバー


I love fruitドキドキ

And Noa-tan wolfed down a whole bananaニコニコ!!

It was deliciousドキドキ

Gochisousama deshitaにひひハートキラキラ


Noa-tan, having finished her bath.............................................!!

辻希美オフィシャルブログ「のんピース」powered by Ameba-2009050221110000.jpg

started watching テレビThe Quiz Showテレビ
[note: she writes "quiz show" in katakana ("クイズショウ"); originally I thought this was just supposed to be a general word for any quiz show (as in English), but there's a show called "The Quiz Show" (ザ・クイズショウ), which began airing specials recently, one of which was on May 2nd from 9-9:54pm, so I'm thinking now that this is what they were watching (another more remote possibility is that it may be the movie called "Quiz Show" (クイズ・ショウ))]

and is now glued to the screenニコニコ!!キラキラ

She hasn't moved once from her current positionガーン

She sometimes gets really focused like this watching dramas tooガーン

And she sits in that same poseガーン

She has her snacks in the same hand the whole time...I wonder that it doesn't get uncomfortable for her...ガーン

It's really cute, thoughハート

Well, for the second half hereニコニコ

I think I'm going to concentrate on The Quiz Show with Noa-tanハート

These kind of moments make me truly happyハート



boinsie said...

Really, Tsuji? because it's hard to claim that something contains no meat when you LIST SHRIMP AS AN INGREDIENT. ... ^^;

Also, Noa looks like an 30-something bachelor in the watching TV shot. ^^;;

jantzeeee said...

She kinda does, with the sleeveless T-shirt and all... XD

To be fair, "meat" (お肉) and "fish"/"seafood" are pretty separate categories in Japanese. (So to explain what a vegetarian is, for example, you'd have to say it means not eating fish *and* not eating meat, I think.) I think "meat" only really covers things like beef and pork and such.

And even in English I feel like people use the words this way too sometimes... Like, "I don't eat meat, but I will eat fish or chicken" kind of thing...

boinsie said...

And what I'm saying, is that the Japanese are wrong. The muscles of a fish are no less "meat" than the muscles of a mammal/bird/reptile/arthropod/etc.
I know that lots of people (esp. Japanese people) categorize seafood differently... I just don't think it's accurate. To me, it seems like a very strange classification to be drawn.

boinsie said...

I guess what it comes down to is that I thought it was funny that she had said, "there's no meat in it!" right after saying, "there's shrimp in it!" ... which is why I ended in a LOL face instead of an angry face. XD

jantzeeee said...

Yeah, no, I agree that it's a weird way to categorize things...they're all animals, y'know? But I guess people feel differently about mammals than they do about other things...and there are nutritional and taste differences as well.

What bothers me the most is that this is one of those places where the English and Japanese terminology overlaps in weird ways. "Meat" and "肉" really do cover different ranges of things, but it's hard to find a better translation for either of them DX

But so at least part of the sort-of incongruity of those two lines is translation fail ><;... It doesn't seem that weird to me to say (paraphrasing), 肉が一切も入ってないえびシュウマイ...but it does in English, kind-of...

Anonymous said...

fish is still meat -____-;;;
poor shrimp-san ><

boinsie said...

@jantzeeee - Maybe "There're no land-faring animals in this dish at all!" XD

Pandagirl said...

I think they're watching the 3rd episode the drama ザ・クイズショウ (season 2), it aired last Saturday at 9pm.. unless you meant that by the special, then I'm sorry if I confused anyone. :DD
Anyway, as always thank you so much for translating♥ ♥ ♥

jantzeeee said...

@Pandagirl -- yeah, that's the show I eventually decided she meant. I was going off of Japanese Wikipedia, which talked about a ゴールデン版 (Golden Edition) starting in April (putting the third episode on May 2nd)...which I figured sounded like some kind of special. I didn't look it up more thoroughly than that, though, honestly. Is it just the (name of?) the second season, then?

@boinsie -- I think I'd have to exclude birds too...maybe "There's no (meat from any) land-faring mammals in this dish at all!"...^^;

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