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Thursday, May 14, 2009

☆メイク中☆ / ☆During Hair and Makeup☆


I'm getting my hair and makeup done right nowニコニコラブラブラブラブキラキラ

辻希美オフィシャルブログ「のんピース」powered by Ameba-2009051412390000.jpg

And Noa-tan's being a good little girlニコニコラブラブラブラブキラキラ

辻希美オフィシャルブログ「のんピース」powered by Ameba-2009051412150000.jpg

Or rather, my makeup artist Torii-sensei has been playing with her~~ニコニコドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキパー

辻希美オフィシャルブログ「のんピース」powered by Ameba-2009051412400000.jpg

Torii-sensei and Hakase really dote on Noa-tan~~ハート

That makes me so happyドキドキドキドキキラキラ


hurrying through hair and makeup,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

辻希美オフィシャルブログ「のんピース」powered by Ameba-2009051412370000.jpg

it's time for lunch, where with one big "kanpaaaaai!"ニコニコドキドキドキドキキラキラ

辻希美オフィシャルブログ「のんピース」powered by Ameba-2009051412560000.jpg

we all clinked our onigiri (rice balls) together in a toastニコニコドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキキラキラ

辻希美オフィシャルブログ「のんピース」powered by Ameba-2009051412520000.jpg

Noa-tan was in such a good mood, tooドキドキドキドキキラキラ

I'm really gladハート

Alright then,ニコニコドキドキドキドキパー

time to gooooooo~~ニコニコドキドキドキドキドキドキキラキラ


Ru! ノン ストプ said...

Heey! :D Just wanna send you a BIG Thanks for translating Nono's Blog!! 8D I read it now for a while and I really got to thank you!! :D *so happy* THANK YOU (one more time)(°3°)/

Mary K said...

This is so cute.

jantzeeee said...

Ru! (and everybody ^^), I'm really glad to hear you've been reading and enjoying our blog translations :)
I love to read everyone's comments on the various posts, so if you have time, absolutely chime in with your thoughts or impressions or anything~ ♡

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