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Sunday, April 5, 2009

☆暇人な私☆ / ☆Lots of Time on My Hands☆



辻希美オフィシャルブログ「のんピース」powered by Ameba-090405_133957.jpg

We don't have plans today, so it looks like it's going to be a relaxing day full of free timeニコニコラブラブラブラブひらめき電球

Lately I've been going out, like, every day, y'know?ニコニコ

So perhaps today we'll just hang out at home~ヒヨコ

What to do, I wonder...ショック!

But if we stay home the whole day, Noa might not be in a very good mood, huh...ショック!

What should we do...ガーン

Since I've had all this free time, by the way, this morning I completely finished doing my makeup and getting dressed...ガーン

Here's what I'm wearing todayニコニコあせる

辻希美オフィシャルブログ「のんピース」powered by Ameba-090405_134317.jpg

At least it's...spring-like, don't you think?ニコニコラブラブラブラブ

At least, right?ニコニコアップアップチョキ

Today Noa-tan and I are both hanging out~~ニコニコドキドキドキドキ

辻希美オフィシャルブログ「のんピース」powered by Ameba-090405_133934.jpg

It's almost naptime for herニコニコぐぅぐぅ

By the way, Noa-tanニコニコ

almost always takes a nap between 2 and 4 pm~~ニコニコラブラブラブラブぐぅぐぅ

And she goes to bed sometime between 9 and 10 pmニコニコドキドキドキドキチョキ

Because kids need to have a fixed routine, y'know?ニコニコ

So Noa-tan needs to go to sleep pretty soonニコニコぐぅぐぅ

Now I'm going to carry her...ニコニコチョキ

辻希美オフィシャルブログ「のんピース」powered by Ameba-090405_133737.jpg

and take her to go night-night~~~ニコニコラブラブラブラブぐぅぐぅ

After this I'm going to figure out what we should do when Noa wakes up~ニコニコラブラブラブラブチョキ


LazyMan1 said...

I cant believe she would look that cute just for lazing around the house lol.

*~aidateddy~* said...

^ juz exactly wut imma bout to say~ haha!

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