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Saturday, April 11, 2009

第一回メッサ質問に答え太陽~♪☆ / The First "I Mad Wanna Answer Your Questions~" ♪☆ (Taiyou post)

[note: It seems that Taiyou has also caught the Question Time bug XD I guess he'd been getting messages requesting he also answer questions from fans, so he decided to start his own "Question Corner," where he will be answering them (I guess via puchi mail) in his free time while traveling places for work. In this first installment he talks quite a lot about Tsuji and Noa, so I decided to go ahead and translate it. I hope you enjoy~]


Sorry to keep you waiting~!!ニコニコ

Welcome to the first installment of 'I Mad Wanna Answer Your Questions~'!!晴れキラキラ
[note: there's a pun here which he seems to use quite frequently; he writes '~~tai yo' ("I want to ~~") using the kanji for his name (太陽, 'taiyou')]

Right now晴れ

I'd like to get started answering them~!!ニコニコ

晴れI live it Osaka and I was wondering, when you come back here, where do you like to go out to eat?

I go out for takoyaki and okonomiyaki, of course!sei

I go to the takoyaki place in Osaka's Maru Building a lot~ニコニコ
[note: the Osaka Maru-Biru (literally, "Round Building") is located in Umeda; it's possible the takoyaki place he's referring to is 蛸の徹 ('Tako no Tetsu,'), a famous establishment where you cook the takoyaki yourself]

Other than that...キラキラ

I also go to Tsurutontan quite often!!

The first time I took Nozomi to Tsurutontan in Osaka...

she turned to me, all crazy happy, and said,うどん

"Whenever you go to Osaka I wanna come too!!!ニコニコ"

It seems I've passed on my love of udon to her~にひひ

晴れTaiyou-kun, have you ever felt like getting surprise gifts for Tsuji-chan?

I have for accessories and suchニコニコ

I've also done stuff like, for birthday presents for her,プレゼント

when I find a necklace or something really cute,ひらめき電球

I'll think, like, "I bet she'll like this~"キラキラ

and so I'll buy it (〃∇〃)

晴れHave you ever stayed at home with Noa-chan, just the two of you?

晴れCan you do the child-care stuff by yourself?


When she was a baby, I did things like prepare formula for her,

and change her diapers -- that was tough...

These days, we play together,音符ニコニコ

or she'll watch TV with me,音符

and while we're watching Inai Inai Baa! or whatever, both of us will dance around togetherお父さんといっしょ

I'm fine by myself with her (o^-')b


at least, I think so (Hehe)

晴れTaiyou-kun, what are the things you love about Tsuji-chan??
[note: this questioner uses the wrong kana for the particle 'wa' (わ instead of は), and for no reason I can see writes the 'chan' of 'Tsuji-chan' in katakana]

晴れWhat's the thing you love most about Tsuji-chan~?

I think that'd be the fact that she always does her best, in her wonderfully innocent and artless way (^-^)

晴れI'd like to know the reason your feelings for Tsuji-chan started to change
晴れPlease tell us what it was that made things really click for you about Tsuji-chan (´艸`*)

Her doing the best she could at everything she did, honestly and sincerely...キラキラ

really touched my heartキラキラ!!

晴れAre you the kind of guy who "wears the pants in the family"?

晴れAre you the type of guy whose wife bosses him around?


In public, Nozomi is very respectful, so it might look like I'm the one in charge, but...

I actually think I'm kinda whipped σ(^_^;) Hehe...

晴れWhat's your favorite place in Japan? Besides Osaka, of course :) Is there somewhere you think you might want to settle down in your old age~?
[note: where I've written "place in Japan," the questioner actually uses 都道府県 ('todoufuken'), which is the word for the administrative regions of Japan; literally, it's Tokyo (都 - "the capital") + Hokkaidou (道 of 北海道) + Osaka & Kyoto (the 府 "prefecture" of 大阪府 'Osaka-fu' and 京都府 'Kyoto-fu') + all the other prefectures (県 of 福岡県 'Fukuoka-ken,' 長崎県 'Nagasaki-ken,' etc., etc.)]

Maybe Karuizawaひらめき電球
[note: a town in Nagano Prefecture]

It's where we got married, so it's a place with lots of fond memories for usキラキラキラキラ

晴れOf all the places that you've gone to the beach, which was your favorite?

I think probably Palauひらめき電球ニコニコ

晴れTaiyou-kun, on average do you eat more Japanese food or more Western food!?

I eat lots of different things, but...

I think lately it would have to be more Japanese food!!キラキラニコニコ

晴れAre you OK with your wife wearing those miniskirts?

Those aren't miniskirts汗

They're a ruffly, frilly kind of shortsあせる

晴れDo you guys have arguments?

晴れWhat kind of arguments do you get into?

We argue a lot~.

Y'know that expression, "stronger after the storm"?
[note: that is, 雨降って地固まる, literally, "the earth is harder/stronger after it rains"; it's talking about when your relationship with someone is made stronger because you fight ("The quarrel of lovers is the renewal of love" and "Friendship cemented by quarrels" are also good ways to put it, I think)]

Rather than just trying to put up with stuff and bottling everything up inside,

what we do (even if it ends up as an argument) is talk to each other as best we can about what we think and feelニコニコ


if you just thrust what you want to say onto the other person, that will lead to a really big fight...

so I really think you have to talk together with respect and consideration for the other personキラキラ

I'm the older of the two of us, so I really try to deal with these things as best I can (^-^)

晴れIf Noa-chan were to get a little brother or sister, would you want a boy or a girl?
[note: the questioner adds an extra 'a' to the end of Noa's name]

Also, how many kids do you want to have?

晴れTsuji-chan apparently wants three kids...Taiyou-kun, how many do you want?

Nozomi has just begun her return to show business and she's working really hard with that, so we're not really thinking about more kids at the moment

but I do think it's better to have siblings than to be an only child, so I would like to have one more.

Either a boy or a girl would be just fine with meニコニコ


we're talking about something that's still a long ways off, I think~.

晴れDoes Noa-chan more resemble her dad or her mom?

She has her mom's eyes and my nose and mouth, I thinkニコニコ

In general, I really feel that she's a mix of the both of usにひひ
[note: a little Kansai-ben here; his "really" is 'honma' rather than 'hontou']

晴れI wonder if Sugiura Taiyou-kun actually gets these messages.

I get them~ (^∇^)

Well, I think that'll be it for today~キラキラにひひ

I have a lot more traveling to do, so

I'll be answering these questions in multiple installments, okay?ニコニコ

Thank you guys so much for all of your questions~晴れ!!ニコニコ


nozomi said...

Thank you for this one, it is interesting to hear both sides from the Sugiura house-hold. He sure gets a lot of questions about Nono(She's Supper popular). They should shoot an episode of Ultraman where Noa get captured by a monster then Nono(Pyon) and Taiyou(Cosmo) can save her. Nono(Pyon) can use her hair ribbon as some sort of super weapon. :)

Anonymous said...

This was interesting! Thanks for this.

LazyMan1 said...

Man it must be great being a dad. Thanks for the translation.

jantzeeee said...

Hehe, no problem; I enjoyed doing it. I also thought it was interesting to get Taiyou's perspective on some of these things. (Plus the fact that I love his adorable Osakan self ^^ ..."I go out for takoyaki and okonomiyaki, of course!" XD )

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