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Saturday, March 14, 2009

ホワイトデーのプレゼント☆ / White Day Present☆ (Taiyou post)


I finished the taping at NHK...


White Day is here!m.m*

"What present should I get for my wife, I wonder~??"


is not something that I've got to worry about!!!

I went to that place...kirakria*

a place I visit only once a year☆



杉浦太陽オフィシャルブログ『太陽のメッサ○○食べ太陽』 powered by Ameba-090314_153646.jpg

The florist!!

A guy going there by himself,

for me, that's like...

a guy going shopping at "109マルキュー,"
[note: that is, Shibuya 109, a trendy shopping center, especially popular among gyaru]

in terms of sheer degree of embarrassment!!

And so I go there just once a year, on this day only~~(//・_・//)

Last year I also got flowers for her for White Day, but

This year, after thinking a lot...

about what kind of flowers to give her!!

I decided on this~ひらめき電球

杉浦太陽オフィシャルブログ『太陽のメッサ○○食べ太陽』 powered by Ameba-090314_153801.jpg

A bouquet of baby's breathかすみ草

And in the middle,

a single roseバラ

In the language of flowers...

baby's breath means...

a sincere, pure heart,かすみ草

and roses mean...

passion and loveバラ

When you put these two together...

in the language of flowers, it symbolizes marital blisskirakria*

I made sure to do my research before buying themにひひチョキ

And along with it I included a message card...(〃∇〃)

At first...

it was really hard to find a shop that had baby's breath

I looked at place after place, and

eventually I managed to find one, which was a relief~~('-^*)/

But, like...

when I was on my way home, carrying this bouquet,

I was getting so much attention, and that was the most embarrassing~~あせる(///∇//)

But I'm doing this because Nozomi always works so hard, y'know...kirakria*

and putting all my feelings of gratitude into it...キラキラ

Will it make her happy, I wonder~~?音譜

I arrived home before her...

so now I'm waitingにひひ

She'll be getting home really soon!!!

I can't wait~~~(^-^)

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