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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

ちょっと希空さ~~んっ!いやいや、希美さ~ん☆ / Wait a minute, Noa-sa~~n!! No, I mean, Nozomi-sa~n☆ (Taiyou post)

[note: part of this post by Taiyou relates to Noa stacking his cans of chuuhai (which Tsuji talks about here); a lot of the post is about him getting ready for a photo shoot, so I've just translated from where he starts talking about Noa]

While I'm getting my wardrobe and hairstyle changed, I'm writing in my blog,

and checking my messages☆


when I took a look at Nozomi's blog... cans of chuuhai~~あせる

杉浦太陽オフィシャルブログ『太陽のメッサ○○食べ太陽』 powered by Ameba-090324_131327.jpg

have become Noa's playthings~!汗


Can't she at least play with those stackable building blocks she has~~?!パー


As long as Noa's having fun with them...

I guess that's okay~ひらめき電球

Just make sure she doesn't hurt herself, okay~~汗


Anonymous said...

That was too funny :)

Poor Taiyou, there was nothing he could do about it anyway.

Thanks for the translation Jantzeeee, your awsome.

yopy Internacional said...

jojojo omoshiroiiii!!!! I´m so glad that her husband be so kind an lover their jejeje He always read the blog to see if the girls are right kawaiii :3

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