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Friday, March 6, 2009

ありがとうございました・・☆ / Thank you very much..☆ (Taiyou post)

[note: As requested, I have translated this post from Sugiura Taiyou's blog. In the interests of time, etc., I haven't done as strict and comprehensive a job as I do for Tsuji's posts, but instead have done a bit more summarizing/condensing.]

Nozomi has had really a whirlwind life up to now, but since we got married she's finally had a chance to relax a little and take things just a bit slower.

She's been putting in a lot of effort and is studying hard, and really is doing her best.

She's getting back into her work now too, and, though she might get mixed up sometimes, she's moving forward, little by little.

She can't possibly write down in her blog everything she does in a day, which might lead to misunderstandings, I guess.

But please consider all the work she is putting in to learning new things.

I think what's most important is to do things in your own way and not push yourself to do the impossible.

She's still new at this, and she's taking things at her own pace, and although she does get mixed up sometimes, she works really hard every day. As the person closest to her, I understand better than anyone else just how hard she really does work.

What's wonderful and special about her is her innocence and artlessness, how she enjoys each day so genuinely. She does her best, in her own way, at her own pace.

She's really putting in a lot effort to try to grow in new ways. There are a lot of things she worries about and that she's trying to learn how to do.

We're very thankful to everyone who has been so supportive. It makes me happy that there are those of you who have so comfortingly watched over her.

Everyone who has supported her,

Everyone who has been concerned for her sake,

Thank you very much.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the translation of Taiyo's blog. You work on this is much appreciated and is far beyond everyone’s expectations.

I definately support Nono and the Sugiura family in this. They have done nothing wrong and didn't deserve that kind of attack. Too bad we can't let Nono know that her English speaking foreign fans are supporting her too.

Thank you again jantzeeee and boinsie.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the blog translations ^_^

It was kind of a shock that someone has sent a bad message to tsuji,
when I was looking for where to ask her a question in her blog, some people told me that she got upset :(

I will DEFINITELY Support her 110% ^_^
I just hope this reaches tsuji ^_^

jantzeeee said...

読んでくれてありがとう <3

I know, though, right? I can't imagine what people would have said about her and Noa, and what could possibly have prompted it.

Anon #2 (sorry, don't know how else to call you ^^;...), I'm curious, did you send her a message? In her next post, I think, she sort-of makes it sound like she might be shutting down the puchi mail feature, but it wasn't totally clear, so I was just wondering.

And as an aside, it was sort-of a shock, reading this post of Taiyou's and Tsuji's post from the night before... Normally they both write in such a casual sort of way (lots of cutesy language and (for him) Osaka-ben, and such -- more like speech), but these two posts were so much more like formal writing...very few animated icons, sentences with actual periods and even exclamation points, and just in terms of the general writing style... The seriousness of these two just made such a contrast with how their posts normally are, y'know?

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