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Saturday, March 21, 2009

☆食べられるリボンの作り方☆ / ☆How to Make Edible Bows☆


Today for the shoot for Suteki na Okusan, I'm making kyaraben~ドキドキキラキラ
[note: that is, "character bentou"; boxed lunches where the food is styled like people, animals, characters, etc.]

This will be in the May 1st issue, so definitely, definitely check it outニコニコドキドキドキドキキラキラ

The apron I wore this time looked like thisニコニコドキドキドキドキキラキラ

辻希美オフィシャルブログ「のんピース」powered by Ameba-090321_164050.jpg

リンゴAn apple patternリンゴ

By the way, my apron for the April edition looked like this~ニコニコドキドキドキドキキラキラ

辻希美オフィシャルブログ「のんピース」powered by Ameba-090321_164224.jpg

My stylist made these by hand!ニコニコドキドキドキドキキラキラ!!

That's amazing, isn't it?ニコニコラブラブラブラブラブラブキラキラ

They're so cuteドキドキキラキラ


for Suteki na Okusan today, I took on the kyaraben challenge~ニコニコラブラブラブラブキラキラ

And I can't show you the whole thing yet,ガーン

but I am going to show you how to make these cute bowsニコニコラブラブラブラブキラキラ


辻希美オフィシャルブログ「のんピース」powered by Ameba-090321_162514.jpg

Aren't they awesome?!?ひらめき電球

And so,ニコニコドキドキドキドキ!!

...although some of you maybe know already...ガーン


at "リボンNon Pieceリボン"

I will show everyone how to make themニコニコラブラブラブラブひらめき電球


you take a piece of ham,ニコニコドキドキドキドキひらめき電球

辻希美オフィシャルブログ「のんピース」powered by Ameba-090321_162819.jpg


you slice off the edges,ニコニコひらめき電球

辻希美オフィシャルブログ「のんピース」powered by Ameba-090321_162852.jpg

to make it into a squareニコニコドキドキドキドキひらめき電球


you gather the ham together in the middleひらめき電球

辻希美オフィシャルブログ「のんピース」powered by Ameba-090321_163017.jpg

It's cutest if you make it so there's 2 or 3 foldsニコニコドキドキドキドキひらめき電球


you cut a strip from one of the pieces you sliced off in the beginning, and wind it around the middleニコニコラブラブラブラブひらめき電球

辻希美オフィシャルブログ「のんピース」powered by Ameba-090321_163037.jpg

Like this~ニコニコドキドキドキドキひらめき電球

And to make it so it doesn't come open,、

you stick it in place with a toothpick or a piece of pastaニコニコドキドキドキドキひらめき電球

And then it's done!ドキドキ

It's really simple and cute, don't you think?ニコニコドキドキドキドキひらめき電球

It might be cute to put them in salads, tooドキドキキラキラ

I'll give it a try~ニコニコラブラブラブラブキラキラ

You guys, too, should definitely, definitely try it outニコニコドキドキドキドキキラキラ

And that is how to make delicious, adorable bowsニコニコドキドキドキドキキラキラ

Also, today I received these from some of the staff-sanニコニコドキドキドキドキキラキラ

辻希美オフィシャルブログ「のんピース」powered by Ameba-090321_163205.jpg

Obentou (boxed lunch) goodsニコニコラブラブラブラブキラキラ

I'll definitely use themニコニコドキドキドキドキキラキラ

Thank you so much!ドキドキキラキラ


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I. Need. Tiny. Cookie cutters. ._.;;

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I guess the answer is to go and do some articles for Suteki na Okusan... XD

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