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Thursday, May 21, 2009

☆ちょっと質問してぃぃですか☆ / ☆Can I Ask You a Quick Question?☆


You guys...when you've been reading Non's blog lately, has it been interesting...?


I really want to hear from people...ガーン

Sorry to be asking so suddenly like thisあせるガーン


Anonymous said...

Of course it has been. <3

But of course...she won't be able to see this.

Anonymous said...

Yeah jantzeeee :) Do you have an Ameba blog login? I went to the site and was hoping it wouldn't requre a login. I got as far as actually leaving a comment but that blasted ID and password part... You could express our interest for us ;) Or at least direct me to where I can create a login and password if foreigners can have one. I'm probably just missing it since I'm so bad at kanji. My college Japanese sensei was a softie and didn't make us learn any kanji ...

boinsie said...

@faerirose - To leave a comment at Tsuji's actual blog (, you need to first make an Ameblo account. Go here, and enter 1) the username you desire, 2) your password, 3) repeat your password, 4) your email address, 5) what you want your nickname to be, 6) your gender (male/female) and 7) your date of birth (yyyy/mm/dd). Hit the button. Type the CAPTCHA code into the box and hit the right-most button. Check your email and visit the long link in the message Ameba sent you. TA-DA! You're registered and ready to comment. At the bottom of any post the makes, there's a link that says, "コメント(xxx)". Click that, scroll to the bottom and click the button inside the white box. It'll bring up a pop-up window with your info all filled out.

This post has gotten almost 5500 comments. Considering that her normal posts have been averaging 100-500, that's a mad lot of response!!

jantzeeee said...

Your college Japanese class didn't learn any kanji, faerirose...? o.O;

But no, I don't have an Ameba account, although I do know it's not restricted to Japanese IPs or anything. I was *going to* post a link to boinsie's tutorial on how to get an account set up there, but it looks like she beat me to it... XD

Please, though, anyone who does want to leave a comment on Tsuji's blog, please do it in Japanese, so that she can understand and not feel uncomfortable or anything... <3

Anonymous said...

Thanks! And no, sensei was big on giving As which meant we didn't learn things that were very difficult. Any kanji I know (very little) I know only because I took the time to learn. We also weren't officially taught katakana. Just hiragana. Yeah. Good thing I'm a self learner. I can totally leave an intelligable reply in Japanese sans most kanji ;)

English said...

I love these translations! This way I can read Non's blog almost every evening. It's always interesting to me.

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