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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

☆大変…☆ / ☆Terrible News...☆


My cell phone broke!ショック!

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So I can't write any blog posts or anythingあせる

I'm using my manager Mr. N's phone to write this right nowショック!

When I have a free moment, I'm gonna go down to a DoCoMo shopショック!あせる

Can't blog...


Tanya said...

poor Non...but she can use PC\laptop for blogging

jantzeeee said...

She can't if she's at work, though, like today... (And I'm not even sure if she knows how to do it from anything other than her seems like that's what she *always* uses...^^;;;....)

Anonymous said...

Oh no!

Sarah said...

Oh no!!

Well looks like she either has it fixed or has continued using her managers phone xD

4Ever H&H said...

oh no!! what she'll be doing right now, maybe something funny and we can't know T_T! jejeje.

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